Justin Gardner Consulting (JGC) is a small independent consultancy providing quality specialist research studies to public and private sector clients. JGC provides credible and reliable evidence which is demonstrably robust and can be used to develop and support emerging policies. JGC deliver a bespoke personal service without the overheads of large corporate brands offering tremendous value for money. The range of services available from JGC and partner companies includes:


  • Strategic Housing Market Assessments (using both primary and secondary data models)
  • Housing requirements (demographic analysis) – including fully interactive models to allow a range of scenarios for growth to be developed
  • Housing Needs Surveys (district-wide and local) including parish and neighbourhood level studies
  • Studies of the housing requirements of particular groups of the population
  • Stakeholder/community consultation – especially in light of the duty to cooperate
  • Affordable housing viability/CIL
  • Employment Land Reviews


Since the beginning of 2010, JGC have carried out SHMAs, housing requirement studies and housing needs assessments for over 50 different local authorities. This combined with relevant research projects for over 250 clients in a 20-year research career makes us the most experienced consultancy in the field. Our experience includes appearing on behalf of around 30 local authorities in England. In all cases the evidence has been found to be robust and credible and able to support proposed policies. We have built up an unrivalled knowledge base that is invaluable in providing clients with the full range of outputs required from their research.

About us

Justin Gardner Consulting (JGC) was formed in late 2009 after 20 years working at a senior level for a housing research consultancy and in response to continued concerns about the quality of much of the research being carried out in the fields of SHMAs and related research projects.


Following an undergraduate degree in Social Statistics, and a Masters degree in Demography (at LSE) Justin has, since the early 1990s been leading quantitative research and managing complex projects. He has built up unrivalled expertise and knowledge of housing market dynamics that has been invaluable in providing clients with the full range of outputs required from their research.


As a dynamic and groundbreaking researcher, Justin was responsible for the first formal model to assess housing needs (in 1995); a model which is still enshrined in CLG guidance (of both 2000 and 2007). Justin is also responsible for developing the latest iteration of demographic and housing market models taking full account of the availability of data and associated issues relating to statistical accuracy. The model has been refined to link housing and labour markets and more closely reflect the realistic choices available to households in the wake of the economic downturn.


JGC are therefore well placed to provide the highest quality research and advice, ensuring that policies and strategies are founded on proper evidence.


Our ethos is in collaborative working and we often undertake projects with a range of other experts in the field to ensure we are able to put together the most experienced team for each study. Partner companies include planning consultants, market/survey research firms and specialist qualitative researchers.